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A home for Weather freaks and Mustang addicts !



I have retired from the Air Force as a meteorologist and now started my second career with the National Weather Service, a job I have wanted since I was ten years old !!!
I am now stationed at Kotzebue, Alaska in the Arctic Circle. The snow is DEEP !!

I have dedicated my life's work to the pursuit of Weather.

My family are dedicated to all generations of Mustangs but especially the 1969 Mach1 Mustang's. And all things Disney !

We work to combined weather chasing, sea cruising, Disney World and Mach1's.

Welcome Aboard !!

  • Tornadoes ! ! !
  • Hurricanes ! ! !
  • Blizzards ! ! !
  • Enjoy ! ! !
  • Radar

  • Balloons (as in Weather not party) ! ! !

You may enjoy the following site.

And Remember: Don't just chase the weather; Catch the Weather!

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